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Reshape your leadership culture through impactful, transformative leadership development.  Don’t leave development to chance: do something today!  Read on to see how we can help.  

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The only things that happen naturally in an organization are friction, confusion, and malperformance. Everything else is the result of leadership.”  Peter Drucker, renowned business visionary, leadership expert and management consultant

Imagine for a moment what your organization would look like if your team was made up of capable leaders.

  • What would you be able to accomplish?
  • How big could your goal-setting go?
  • What strategies would be unlocked?
  • What kind of profit could be earned?

What would your business be capable of if YOU developed your leadership skills: what future growth and profit would be unleashed as your confidence as a leader soared?  

In today’s economy, businesses and organizations can’t afford to ignore leadership development. If you want to gain an edge on the competition, you need to invest in your most important and expensive resource: you and your staff.

If you want to keep the best employees, be willing to show an interest in their continued growth and development.  If you aren’t investing in your team’s development, they will find a business that will.

You are already stretched thin as it is, with your time, energy, and focus being demanded elsewhere, so what can you do?

This is where Ott Leadership comes in. I have created a leadership development program, called Transformational Leader, designed with the busy organization and business in mind. The Transformational Leader program:

  • Comes to you, so your staff has minimal time loss

  • Cuts the fluff and provides the most relevant and immediately applicable teachings

  • Provides tangible applications that affect your business right away

  • Offers a variety of delivery options to meet your scheduling needs

Let me help you gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by supercharging your staff with leadership development. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation, or check out the Services page for more information.

What We Do

Leadership Development

What would happen if your team of managers and leaders all started talking the same leadership language?  What if your employees experienced a fresh approach to leadership that actually increased engagement, lowered turnover, and improved the workplace atmosphere?  Unite your team and company by offering leadership development that helps people grow where they are at. 

Using the transformational leadership theory, the Transformational Leader program helps your leaders thrive in employee engagement in a way that drives success for all.



Culture Change

As your leaders develop a shared leadership language and adjust their leadership style to increase employee engagement, it’s likely that you’ll see gaps in your management systems and practices.  This isn’t a surprise: your culture was built around an old leadership model and now needs a refreshment.  In order to maximize the effectiveness of your leaders’ development and improve your workplace culture, we help you

  • Identify these gaps
  • Build a roadmap to close them
  • Implement changes in an impactful way



Behavior Change

Organizational change is really just a series of individual behavior changes.  If you want to see your leadership and workplace culture truly change, you need to focus on behavior change.  We focus on the human aspects of change initiatives: changing behaviors, habits, and mindsets because those are the elements that lead to success.  Using a unique platform that enables a participant to apply new concepts and behaviors with high measurability, our goal is to bridge the gap between education and application to drive results.  



Client Testimonials


Group O Media Resources | Group O

The Transformational Leader program opened my eyes to the importance of consistently being a transformational leader and reiterated aspects of transformational leadership that I had already adopted and gave me the tools to improve areas where I was not showing transformational leadership. Steve was great at relating the real-life work situations we were going through to the weekly lessons, as well as digging deeper and asking the right questions to make us think about situations in different ways.

– Coty, Group O

“In 20 years of working with one of our managers, I’ve never seen as big a change in him than after he went through Steve’s Transformational Leader program.  Steve is the management whisperer!”

– Mark, General Grind and Machine

“I truly feel like we have a much deeper understanding of each other and how we can use our strengths to lead General Grind and Machine.  The Transformational Leader program has by far exceeded my expectations!  I am so excited for our team to use the skills Steve has laid before us.”

– Lisa, General Grind and Machine

Fleet Feet and Brooks Running Serve Up Exclusive Running Shoe for Thanksgiving

“Steve took the store owners through his leadership program and we really learned a lot. It was helpful to slow down and think about the store, what it needs, who we are as individual leaders, and how it impacts the store too.”

– Jackie, Fleet Feet Davenport

Local group responds to crisis, poverty, addiction

Steve’s 6-Week Leader program brought out the best in each of my team members. I am looking forward to utilizing these skills in the future!

– Dakotah, One Eighty

Head Start - Norwescap

Steve is a highly qualified individual who engages with a team of leaders to enhance their skills. He offers guidance and practices to develop their transformational leadership skills. Steve encourages leaders to implement what they are learning and provides ample opportunities for the leaders to discuss their outcomes after implementing the practices.

– Denise, Project NOW Head Start

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