Setting your organizational north star

Align Your Team and Drive Impact

Your organizational strategy is the key to long-term success.  If you don’t have a strategic plan, your team is missing out on crucial clarity.  Having a shared strategy will:


  • Clarify your team’s role in the organization 
  • Align your departments to one clear focus
  • Drive impact by doing intentional, strategic work   

To help you achieve this, we offer two key options:

Strategic Planning

What’s your organization’s North Star?  What’s the shared plan that will align every department and team in your organization?  We will help you set your 3-year strategic plan through a careful, personalized process that:


  • Explores your past and present
  • Clarifies your preferred future
  • Designs an intentional plan to get there
  • Deploys your team to accomplish the plan
  • Measures your progress after a year of work

Strategic Impactâ„¢

A plan without execution is no plan at all.  To ensure that your strategic plan makes an impact, we will turn your strategic plan into a quantifiable action plan.  We want you to be able to measure progress over the life of your strategic plan. 

By turning key strategic initiatives into bite-sized behavior change commitments, your employees will drive impact in your organization.