Workplace Culture

Workplace culture is the “secret sauce” to long-term employee engagement and retention.  Your culture constantly shapes the employee experience.  Is it shaping your employees in the right way?  Is your culture shaping anyone at all?  If not, let us help!

There are two key ways we help you shape your culture: 

Culture Clarity™

The first step to building a culture that drives engagement and retention is to identify and define the key aspects of your culture.  Through a series of guided conversations, you’ll end up with a clearly defined workplace culture.  This process helps your organization: 

  • Understand your current culture
  • Cast a vision for the future culture
  • Identify and define the desired culture and associated behaviors
  • Develop a workplace culture guide 
  • Create a culture adoption plan for your organization 

Culture Impact™

Any culture change effort needs to answer one key question: how do you help your team adopt the newly defined culture?  Once you have a clearly defined culture, we will help your team successfully embrace the culture.

Emphasizing behavior change and tracking progress, we will:

  • Identify the key competencies of the new culture
  • Deliver intentional teaching content to provide the catalyst for change
  • Create specific behavior change commitments that will drive the desired impact
  • Track the adoption rate among all employees

In the end, we will have quantifiable data that demonstrates culture adoption. It will serve as a launching pad for further cultural development.

Contact us today and discuss how we can help you develop the culture you’ve always craved!  

It may not be enough to coach up just one leader…sometimes, it takes an all-in approach to help a business transform.




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