Our leadership workshops give you and your team a chance to develop new leadership skills together in a fun, interactive environment.  Our three-hour leadership workshops give your whole team a taste of leadership development in a more bite-sized fashion.  Featuring interactive teaching, group discussion, and practical applications, workshops are a great way to introduce important leadership elements all at once.  Check out the various leadership workshop options below, then click “I want this one!” to start a conversation about holding a workshop for your team:

Developing Organizational Awareness

What really matters to your business or organization?  Is your leadership devoid of organizational purpose and mission?  Check out this workshop to learn how to discover the right things to do as an organization, how to infuse purpose and meaning into your organization, and how to help those you lead to do the right things.

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Team and Employee Engagement

Do you REALLY know the people you are leading?  You may know that Johnny likes a certain football team, but do you know what his career goals are?  Check out this workshop to learn how to develop a strong awareness of your team, what employee engagement is, and how to lead in a way that maximizes engagement.


Providing Intentional Direction

If you struggle to communicate well, you will struggle to lead well.  Being able to provide direction, then, is essential to leadership.  Check out this workshop if you want to learn the four main roles leaders play when communicating, how to communicate with clarity, and how to provide direction that moves people.  

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Building Intentional Employee Relationships

If leaders are to be effective, they need to be able to develop strong, intentional relationships with their people.  Check out this workshop to learn how to build intentional relationships in a way that overcomes the common relational pitfalls, improves listening skills, and helps employees grow.

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“Leadership development is a lifetime journey, not a quick trip.” 

                 – John C. Maxwell

Workplace Community and Culture

The best workplaces are driven by a strong, positive culture.  But what exactly is workplace culture, and how do you build it?  Check out this workshop as we seek to define workplace culture, explore how you as the leader can help craft it, and ways that you can protect your culture for the long-term.  

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